Stay in Proximity with Mauritius' Phone Services

It is an app designed efficiently for rapid emergency service calls

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Yellow Pages? We are way past that era!

Get the important phone services of Mauritius with you, right in your pocket, all the time.


Organized List

An organized list of Mauritius' phone services which makes it simple to find what you're looking for

One Click Away

You are only one click away from contacting your emergency services

Easy to Use

Simple, materialistic and minimalist design to adequate all types of users. MES is super user friendly to use

Free for All

No in-app purchases, no premium priviledges and most importantly, no ads. MES is free for all


With MES right in your pocket, you can make emergency calls in Mauritius on the go.

No need to lose time by looking for the appropriate number to call, we have it right there for you.

Below are samples of MES and currently available features + user experience that you will be able to enjoy in Mauritius Emergency Services


MES was designed and developed by anonymous, non-profit, not really a developer, Th3pl4gu3

Images & Icons were inspired and developed by Graphic Designed, Nick Foo Kune

Th3pl4gu3, 1345

Not a Developer

Nick Foo Kune, 1995

Graphic Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • MES is a simplified Android application that provides a list of common phones services in Mauritius. Common services may include, police help, ambulance, general info and many others. You can then call these services from your phone directly.

  • MES has been designed to be available both online and offline. You can get info on your local phone services anytime and anywhere.

  • MES is completely free for use! You don't have to pay for any features and specially, no ADs ruining your user experience.

  • MES is currently available on Android only. We don't plan to include an IOS version for the time being.

  • Calling a service from MES is the exact same thing from calling a regular phone app. MES just facilitates your experience by providing the contact on point without you going to search each service's phone number on the internet.


If the FAQs doesn't help you, feel free to contact us anytime and we should get back to you as soon as possible.


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